Competition Overview
The 2017-2018 CEV Youth Beach Volleyball Continental Cup will act as the dedicated qualification process for the European spots to the 2018 Youth Olympic Games and will feature the participation of a total of 42 European National Federations, 38 in the boys competition and 41 in the girls respectiveley. 

There are as many as 11 National Federations making their first appearance in the Youth Continental Cup – eight of these (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, Republic of Moldova, Scotland, Slovenia and Sweden) have registered for participation in both genders. On top of this, Monaco and Liechtenstein will make their maiden appearance in the men’s competition as Kosovo and the Former Y.R. of Macedonia will achieve the same feat in the women’s category.

The 2017-2018 CEV BeachVolleyball Continental Cup consists of 2 phases:
- The Qualification Phase that will be played in 2017
- The Youth Continental final, scheduled to be played in 2018

Through this process five (5) NFs will qualify to the 2018 Youth Olympic Games Beach Volleyball tournament in Buenos Aires, Argentina.