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05/04/2015 12:00
Alessia Orro, "Amazon" of the U18 women's European Championship
2015 CEV U18 Volleyball European Championship - Women

Plovdiv, Bulgaria, April 5, 2015. As the 2015 CEV U18 Volleyball European Championship – Women is closing the final chapters of a memorable event, and the participants in the tournament enjoy their last opportunities to fulfil their ambitions, one player keeps alive her dreams of becoming a Volleyball star, while retaining her other true passion.

Alessia Orro is receiving in her young hands the responsibility of leading the promising generation of Azzurrine that has achieved the goal of qualifying for the FIVB U18 World Championship coming up later this year in Peru. At 17 years and at 1.77-meter tall, the young setter started playing Volleyball when she was nine and has always dreamt of a career in the sport. “I always wanted to be a Volleyball player; in fact, I owe that to my mother, who instilled the passion for the sport in me,” declared the leader of the squad, recollecting the times as a little girl when Alessia’s mother, a Volleyball player and coach herself, took her to matches and training sessions.

The outspoken captain of the Italian side saw her reverie one step closer to become a reality when she was chosen to take part in Club Italia, the team that gathers the future stars of Volleyball in the country to live as a unity and play in the A2 national league. “I enjoy my life in Club Italia. We are all together in some kind of school and residence. We study and then train for about three hours and a half every day,“ declares the promising star.

Whatever her future may be, the number 8 of the blue girls is used to lead, either in her role as setter or following her passion riding horses. “When I was younger, I would combine Volleyball and equestrian, but then I was transferred to Milan and I devoted myself only to the sport,” declares the Italian talent. It is not habitual to find examples of a combination of such different activities, but for Orro, Volleyball and riding horses come natural to her. In fact, Orro was only ten years old when the enthusiasm for horses initiated for the Amazon of the Italian team.

As she would admit, the hardest part of her life as an upcoming star of the sport is to stay away from her beloved three horses. “It is so difficult for me! I miss them so much and I really suffer from this separation,” comments the 17-year-old player. “Fortunately, I have the opportunity to see them about once a month, when I get to go home, and then I spend a few hours with them!” she adds.

The universal player, who started her journey in the sport as opposite and middle blocker and then as libero and setter in Club Italia, sees to succeed in Volleyball and in horse riding, and whether in any of the two main activities of her life, Alessia Orro enjoys taking the most of her passions. “I really like playing as a setter, where I get to distribute the game,” points out the captain of the Azzurrine, who savours the moments she spends “shopping or just taking some time to go out with my friends,” when she is not wearing the Volleyball shirt or pulling the straps of her horse, as she admits.  

Only time will tell if the young figure of the Italian side will be able to jump all the obstacles of her days as an athlete and if she will be able to pace her life, her teams and her passions trotting towards the finish line of her aspirations.    

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