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24/12/2014 10:41
Volleyball is a family thing for Turkey’s Nuri and Bahanur Sahin
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Ankara, Turkey, December 24, 2014. Nuri and Bahanur Sahin are sharing a common destiny. They both are playing in Ankara for the same team, Halkbank, and they also share the same role, that of the libero. Their story is somehow special and belongs to those that you would like to tell by the time that Christmas is just around the corner.

The stage where they perform is somehow unique as well since they play their home matches at the Volleyball complex owned by the Turkish Volleyball Federation in Ankara. If Nuri performs with the men’s team of Halkbank in Baskent Volleyball Hall, a venue which has become familiar to many Volleyball fans, Bahanur usually delights the fans of the women’s team at Bestepe, a smaller hall that is just nearby and that you can easily move to by walking down an indoor passage taking you from one court to the other.  

Nuri Sahin – who has represented Turkey internationally also in Beach Volleyball – is the captain of Halkbank ANKARA, the silver medallists from the 2014 CEV DenizBank Volleyball Champions League and the current leaders of Turkey’s men’s national league. His sister Bahanur is taking the court at the same time but in the sports hall located just nearby as the women’s team of Halkbank currently top the charts of Turkey’s second division – Group B.   

Nuri Sahin is convinced that this is something unique not only in Turkey but most probably also in Europe. “The most interesting fact is probably that our respective matches start exactly at the same time, and that they are being played in two different halls, one next to the other,” he says. “This means that we can’t follow each other’s matches but we definitely support each other from the very deep of our hearts.”

If Nuri Sahin is well-known to all Volleyball fans in Turkey, his younger sister Bahanur is following in his footsteps and hopes to be as successful as her older sibling. She started playing Volleyball in Antalya when she was only 11 years old and has always been supported by her brother. Two years later she moved to Istanbul to join the club of Yesilyurt and this is where her professional career got started. She has been wearing the shirt of many different teams up to now but is especially proud of having been a member of VakifBank, a two-time winner of the CEV Volleyball Champions League.  

“It makes me very proud that this season I am playing for the same club of my brother,” she reckons. “To be under the roof of a big community such as Halkbank is the dream of every player and I feel very lucky that I am wearing their shirt this season. Our main goal is to have a wonderful season with the support of our club’s president, managers and coaching staff,” Bahanur adds.

Brother and sister share the same club but also the same role out there on the Volleyball court. “My brother Nuri is a very good libero,” she says, “and so everybody is expecting the same quality and level of performance from me. This is somehow putting some pressure on my shoulders. However, I am trying not to be under the shade of Nuri, and if I succeed in doing this, this is going to be an advantage for my team.”

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