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22/08/2019 23:00
Historic Volleyball match featuring four great legends held on Ljubljanica River
CEV EuroVolley 2019 Men

Ljubljana, Slovenia, August 22, 2019. Three weeks before the start of EuroVolley 2019, the Slovenian capital hosted a real spectacle - a Volleyball match featuring former European stars played on the surface of the Ljubljanica River. In the city centre, ambassadors of the host countries for EuroVolley 2019, i.e. Dutchman Bas van de Goor, Belgium’s Frank Depestele, France’s Guillaume Samica and the Slovenian home hero Tomi Šmuc competed in a truly spectacular scenery.

The players impressed the audience with great moves and proved that they can play Volleyball on the water surface as well. With the unique atmosphere created by many spectators, they played three sets up to 15, but the result was of much less importance this time.

After playing Volleyball indoors, on the sand and the snow, Tomi Šmuc has experienced what it feels like to play on the water. “I have to admit that I did not believe it would be possible to play on the water, but in the end the match turned out to be very pleasing, even though the temperature of the water did not go above 18 degrees Celsius. The event itself and its location are unforgettable and I am truly glad to have been a part of it. The fact that we guys came together after so many years and contribute to the promotion of the European Championship is really something phenomenal.”

Long-time Belgian national team’s captain Frank Depestele shared the enthusiasm: “It is a truly unique experience. It was the first time such an event has taken place and I am very proud to have been a part of it. Playing with such Volleyball players is great!”

Guillaume Samica enjoyed it so much that he wanted to continue playing: “It was easier and easier with every ball. I got a sense of how to move, how to play and I really enjoyed it. I played with three great colleagues and I am truly honoured to have been a part of this experience. It is amazing that so many people have come out to support us.”

“It was definitely a match and a venue that I will remember forever. I think this was the first water Volleyball match in history, so we did not know what to expect. I think all four of us were pretty happy in the end, we could nicely move, jump and play,” Bas van de Goor, the 1996 Atlanta Olympic champion and one of the best Volleyball players of all time, did not hide his enjoyment.