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03/05/2013 15:00
CEV President opens Management Seminar with 41 national federations in attendance
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Luxembourg, May 3, 2013. “I would like to extend a very warm welcome to all of you as we get together for a seminar that is supposed to leave a unique mark on our mutual cooperation for the good of Volleyball and Beach Volleyball” CEV President André Meyer said on Friday afternoon to officially open the Management Seminar promoted by CEV with Presidents and General Secretaries representing a total of 41 out of its 55 member federations being in attendance.

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“As you all know, Volleyball is primarily a team sport and this seminar has been conceived exactly with this frame of mind. As we all work for the same goal, we need to join our forces, but before embarking on any action, we shall first take a moment to come together, discuss and share ideas” he continued.   
With this in mind CEV has turned to a Swiss-based company, TSE Consulting, which is known for its ability to deliver strategies generating success in order to help the national federations improve the management of their organization and especially take up the various challenges they are daily confronted by. “This seminar will hence turn into a real breakthrough for it was not conceived to circulate ordinary information, but rather to explore new ways to manage your work for Volleyball and Beach Volleyball as well as to improve on its quality and effectiveness” the CEV President said while addressing the attendees.

“This is the ultimate goal we have set also for the workshops you will be joining, bearing in mind that though your federations may differ in terms of their structure, financial situation, know-how etc. they all are being confronted by the same challenges and have to respond to that”. Mr. Meyer insisted on his vision stressing that via this seminar CEV is taking up the cause to contribute to the education of its partners and members. “Similarly to our Confederation – which is turning 40 this year – also the national federations are supposed to think out of the box in order to guarantee a sustainable and long-term growth of Volleyball and Beach Volleyball. It is a mission that we all – CEV and national federations – share as we do not want to rest on our laurels but actually have to learn from the past to make it to the next step in terms of development and management of the sport”.

“I hope you will fully exploit this unique opportunity and embark on your personal trip to fulfil the ambitious goals that are set by this seminar. As you won’t just listen to the contribution of the lecturers but will be asked to actively join the discussions and workshops that will follow their presentations, I urge you to profit of this unprecedented chance to share your experience and knowledge, thereby taking pros and cons from the past to join our forces to support and nurture the long-term development of Volleyball and Beach Volleyball across Europe” he concluded.

The opening speech delivered by CEV President André Meyer was followed by a short session chaired by the FIVB Legal Advisor, Andreas Zagklis, who reported about one of the “hottest” issues the national federations are almost daily dealing with: International Transfers Certificates, their discipline and the actions to be eventually undertaken if disputes arise between players, coaches and clubs.

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