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17/06/2018 15:05
Copenhagen Coaches Clinic a major success
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Copenhagen, Denmark, June 17, 2018. After three days in the House of Sport in Copenhagen, Denmark, the conclusion drawn from more than 170 coaches from 17 countries is clear: the Copenhagen Coaches Clinic was a major success.

At the Coaches Clinic held in the Danish capital, the American star trio including Doug Beal, John Kessel, and Fred Sturm took the participants on a journey through all levels of Volleyball with lots of theory, stories from their many years in the game and hands-on drills in the sports hall as well.
One of the participants was Aapo Rantanen from the Finnish Volleyball Association. He was very happy that he had made the trip to Denmark and attended the Copenhagen Coaches Clinic.
“It has been very inspiring,” he said. “For sure, it has been an experience to hear and meet Doug Beal, John Kessel, and Fred Sturm. But a lot of the inspiration I have picked up in the last three days has come from the other coaches at the clinic.”  
“I also think it is a good thing that you have to travel to get to the clinic. In that way, my learning did not start Friday afternoon with the first session – it began as I left home and it will end when I get back home again. You have the time to think and reflect about coaching. And when things are told in a new way, you will see things in a new perspective,” Rantanen continued.  
From the big ones to the smaller nations

The participants came from large Volleyball nations such as Russia, Poland, and Italy, but also smaller nations as the Faroe Islands, who sent no less than 21 coaches to the clinic. One of them is Hjalmar Joensen from the club Fleyr.
“I think it has been very exciting,” he says. “There has been a lot of thoughts and reflection about what makes a good coach. It is very broad how many aspects you should embrace,” Joensen continues.
“Overall, I think it has been stressed how important a good culture is for the team and the club, no matter whether you win or lose. It has to be fun, and after that, you become a winning team,” he stresses. “Another great point is that you should use every single minute possible with the ball. It is very important and should be weighted highly.”  
The Copenhagen Coaches Clinic was not a closed event. The entire clinic was livestreamed on Volleyball Denmark’s own streaming channel, Volley TV, and curious viewers from more than 20 countries around the world tuned in every day. 

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