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24/04/2008 00:00
Applications to be evaluated this Saturday!
2010 Junior and 2011 Senior European Championships

Luxembourg, April 24, 2008. This Saturday an audit will be staged by the CEV in Luxembourg in order to evaluate the various applications that have been submitted for the organization of both the 2010 Junior and 2011 Senior European Championships.

The CEV Executive Committee, which gathered last week in Paris, appointed CEV President, Mr. André Meyer, along with CEV Senior Vice-President, Mr. Philip Berben, and CEV Vice-President, Mr. Jan Hronek, as the people in charge of carrying out that audit; the CEV representatives will then report to the next Board of Administration – which is to be staged in Copenhagen next June, 7 – the analysis of the several dossiers received by the CEV Head Office.

2011 Men’s Senior European Championships

The CEV is very pleased to announce that for the first time ever 5 bids have been submitted for the organization of the Men’s Senior European Championships, with 7 National Federations involved into the selection process.

Austria and the Czech Republic prepared a joint candidature; both Federations have very ambitious programs for the development of their national teams, as Austria aims at qualifying to the 2012 Olympics in London, whilst the Czech Republic is looking to attend that same goal by the time of the 2016 or 2020 Summer Olympic Games. In both countries volleyball is currently one of the most performed sport disciplines and the eventual allotment of the 2011 Senior Championships would certainly boost such positive trends. Preliminaries and playoff rounds would be played in Vienna, Innsbruck, Prague and Liberec, while playoffs, semifinals and finals would be staged in the Austrian capital.

Denmark is also bidding for that same event; the local National Federation is one of the fastest growing sport organizations there and believes itself ready to make the first serve for the future of European volleyball. Thanks to a long-term strategy which was implemented in 2002 in order to develop the practice of volleyball among children, there are now 13,000 teams involved into school tournaments. Another program has been developed in order to increase the appeal of volleyball, which is named “teen volley”, and is especially conceived for players aged under 15 and 17. The dossier provided by the Danish Volleyball Federation reports that matches would be played in Copenhagen, Aalborg, Aarhus and Odense, with the capital city appointed as the host of the final four.

France is also included into that prestigious list of candidates: with more than 1,000,000 registered players, the local Federation relies on one of the most plentiful contingent across Europe and has been also very active in developing new tools for the promotion of that discipline across the youngest generations. Pools are to be staged in Nantes, Toulouse, Nancy and Cannes, whilst qualified teams would then move to Lyon and Paris for the second round. Semifinals and finals would enjoy the most prestigious venue, as Paris has been chosen for hosting the very last matches of the Championships.

Another joint candidature has been prepared by Greece and Bulgaria; however, the dossier will be discussed along with the CEV representatives next May, 20 because of the overlapping with the Easter celebrations taking place this week in both countries. Varna and Thessaloniki have been identified as the hosting cities, with the finals to be played in the renowned PAOK Palace Sport located in the capital city of the Macedonia region.

Last but not least, the Dutch Volleyball Federation – which is aiming at becoming an example for the rest of Europe in the development of new concepts for the promotion of volleyball – is also applying for the organization of these much awaited Championships. The Dutch Volleyball Federation, as well as the Dutch National Olympic Committee and numerous local sponsors are eagerly waiting for the appointment of the organizer of this event and for having the chance to welcome the qualified teams to the cities of Rotterdam and Almere.

2011 Women’s Senior European Championships

The Serbian Volleyball Federation, along with its Italian counterpart, is bidding for the organization of the 2011 Women’s Senior European Championships. These two countries launched the idea of such joint candidatures for the first time ever in volleyball back in 2005 for the Men’s Championships. After the huge success that was achieved back that year, the CEV is convinced that this candidature is also going to be a right boost for the promotion of high-class volleyball across Europe. Since Easter is being celebrated in Serbia like in many other Orthodox countries, the dossier of this joint candidature will be also presented next May, 20.

2010 Junior European Championships
During last weekend’s Board of Administration in Paris, Mr. Aleksandar Boricic – President of the Serbian Volleyball Federation – also agreed upon the proposal of organizing the 2010 Women’s Junior European Championships. As a result of such a late appointment, the dossier for this event will be prepared and discussed next May, 20 too.

As for the Men’s Championships, the CEV received an official application from the Volleyball Federation of the Republic of Belarus, which is strongly supported by the local Ministry of Sport and Tourism as well as by the Executive Committee of the Region of Mogilev. According to the plans of the local Federation, the tournament is to be played in Mogilev and Bobruisk.

The final appointments for the organization of the above mentioned events will be decided by secret vote during the Board of Administration meeting to be staged in Madrid next September, 25 and winning applicants will be announced during the CEV General Assembly which is scheduled for September, 27.

The CEV would like to express its gratitude to all National Federations involved in that bidding process for the hard work they have been doing over the last months and wishes the very best of luck to all applicants!


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