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09/06/2019 10:00
Loads of fun for 6,000 children at Power Cup in Rovaniemi
News from the National Federations

Rovaniemi, Finland, June 9, 2019. The 2019 edition of the Power Cup held in Rovaniemi offered many unique experiences to the young players participating in the world’s largest youth Volleyball competition. The so-called ‘Nightless Nights of Lapland’ made it possible to play the game in the middle of the night on outdoor courts.

The organisers used the slogan ‘Nightless Nights Experience Festival’ for Saturday night’s event, where there was a lot of entertainment for the children, including a rock band, a DJ, a magician and cheerleaders. However, the main attraction was that the kids could play all night long. The last matches ended at 1:30 am on Sunday.

Lapland is famous for its snowy landscapes and cold climate and yes, there was a big pile of snow on the competition area, where the children could make snowmen and throw snowballs.