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29/07/2019 09:00
David Fiel and Wilfredo Leon – Poland’s favourite Cuban duo
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Belchatow, Poland, July 29, 2019. This past weekend, superstar Wilfredo Leon made his historic debut with the Polish national team in friendly matches against the Netherlands – and that was a special moment for a close friend of his as well, the Cuban-born middle blocker of PGE Skra BELCHATOW, David Fiel Rodriguez. “I was very excited as well,” he says. “It was great to see my brother making his dream come true! He is an amazing player and I saw him working hard to achieve this goal! Therefore, I can feel as happy as he is and I wish him all the best in his endeavours with the Polish national team.”

Did you talk with him about that? Was he excited?

“Yes, of course! We spoke about that many times. I can say that he was extremely excited! For example, one of the many times that we talked about this topic was when he travelled to Zakopane. We were talking about this during almost the whole journey! I was so impressed to see him being so happy and positive about this new chapter of his career.”

Did you watch Poland’s games against the Netherlands?

“Yes, yes of course! I could not miss this great event, I saw all the matches on TV and I gave Wilfredo all my support - this time as a viewer.”

So if Wilfredo is in Poland now, did you have the opportunity to meet?

“Sure, we meet when we have time. For example, this year we could see each other two times and maybe we will do it again. Of course, if we have free time at the same moment! I am also thinking about going to Krakow for the Hubert Jerzy Wagner Memorial Tournament to see Wilfredo in action and of course to support him!”

Are you also thinking about getting Polish nationality?

“I like this question! [laughs]. To be honest, soon I will be here for four years, so it is something that I am thinking about all the time. I really like Poland, its culture, people and the importance of Volleyball in this country. I feel that my present and future is here in Poland. I have a big part of my life here: my wife, my career and for sure our family soon. I hope that as soon as possible you can call me a Polish guy with a Cuban heart!”

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