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05/10/2019 17:00
Third seminar for young, talented referees crowned with success in Skopje
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Skopje, North Macedonia, October 5, 2019. The third edition of the annual CEV Seminar for Young and Talented Referees took place this weekend in the capital of North Macedonia, with participation of referees from as many as 21 countries. The workshop continues the efforts made by the CEV and more specifically by the European Refereeing Commission (ERC) to grow the next generation of elite Volleyball referees.

ERC President Luciano Gaspari and ERC Secretary Zorica Bjelic used their opening address as an opportunity to share with the attendees the CEV’s vision when it comes to elite refereeing. They both emphasised how the referees should always develop a friendly and open interaction with players and coaches, as well as help ensure that the emotions flow freely, as these are a quintessential part of the show delivered on the court and that the fans come to witness.

“We want referees to understand that body language is extremely important, as much as the development of their personality,” ERC President Luciano Gaspari said. “We obviously want to make sure that the match follows the rules of the game and that referees apply these with the right consistency and accuracy. At the same time, I encouraged the younger colleagues to understand that Volleyball is undergoing a major transformation; it is not only a match, rather a show, and refereeing is a part of that. Therefore, the motto should be ‘less yellow or red cards, and more smiles’, if we could sum it up in a few words,” he continued.

“The FIVB have now encouraged referees to achieve the same goals and undergo the changes we have been pursuing at the CEV for the last four years,” Mr Gaspari added, “and they have done do when dispatching guidelines and instructions for this year’s Nations League and World Cup. This obviously makes us proud, because we have set the tone and have been ahead of time,” he stressed.

EMC Secretary Dr Zoran Nikolovski delivering a lecture during the seminar held in Skopje

The Secretary of the European Medical Commission (EMC), Dr Zoran Nikolovski, delivered a lecture on ‘Stress management’, which drew much attention from the attendees, making them aware of factors that they may underestimate at times.

Elite Volleyball referee Epaminondas Gerothodoros of Greece discussed the topic “First referee – Duties, Responsibilities and Challenge procedure”, using a number of videos to review the application of the rules of the game and providing his younger colleagues with useful advices. The young referees showed much curiosity especially about the use of the Video Challenge, asking questions in order to have a better understanding of how this tool can best support their work when performing at the elite level.

France’s Fabrice Collados, on the other hand, focussed on the role of the second referee, summarising duties and responsibilities, especially when managing coaches and their staff, as well as net violations and other faults – where the use of the Video Challenge can provide further support too. This lecture was an extremely useful one, also to understand and identify common mistakes, since in some of the national leagues the second referee plays less of a leading role and those enjoying international status officiate as first referees most of the times.

ERC Secretary Zorica Bjelic addressing young and talented referees from 21 countries during the CEV seminar in Skopje

Moreover, ERC Secretary Zorica Bjelic discussed a topic as ‘hot’ as ‘Ball handling – Making the judgement calls’, which is especially important since even the Video Challenge system cannot provide further evidence or support to the referees, whose final call remains unquestionable – and therefore even more important. Ms Bjelic showed videos to discuss the different situations referees may have to handle during a match, thus providing the attendees with further topics to discuss and review together. 

After the ‘official’ seminar ended, ERC Secretary Bjelic shared her experience and knowledge with 45 Macedonian referees and delegates who showed great interest in her lecture in order to implement the new ERC guidelines since the start of the new club season.

The CEV and ERC would like to thank the Volleyball Federation of North Macedonia, their Refereeing Commission and international referees for the invaluable help provided towards the successful delivery of the seminar and in making everyone’s stay in Skopje as pleasant and productive as possible.

The following young and talented referees attended the seminar in Skopje: Igli Feshti (ALB), Bosko Milic (AUT), Nikola Kozic (BIH), Kanstantsin Asipchyk (BLR), Konstantin Yovchev (BUL), Tajana Kramar Sandl (CRO), Dominik Biegajlo (ENG), Maria Gloria Souto Jimenez (ESP), Erko Varblane (EST), Mathias Ewald (GER), Nikolaos Fragkakis (GRE), Iris Stojcic-Fogel (ISR), Dominga Lot (ITA), Carole Hepp (LUX), Anna Niedbal (POL), Nuno Teixeira (POR), Nadezhda Kozlova (RUS), Eva Tomec (SLO), Miroslav Juracek (SVK), Yavuz Akdemir (TUR) and Vitaliy Parshin (UKR).

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