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05/11/2019 10:50
The legendary Bulgarian Dimitar Karov - 173 cm tall, bouncing 105 cm
News from the CEV

Sofia, Bulgaria, November 5, 2019. The first computer machine in Volleyball. This is how some journalists called the legendary Bulgarian setter Dimitar Karov. The Magician from Bulgaria! During the glamorous Volleyball Gala in his hometown Sofia, Karov was one of the recipients of the prestigious CEV Lifetime Achievement Award, some 50 years after winning the Champions Cup with CSKA SOFIA and just before the 50th anniversary of Bulgaria’s silver medal winning performance at the 1970 World Championship.

“Getting such a recognition from CEV is a source of pride. I am so excited. Our generation was a bit forgotten, but this is normal - the life is dynamic with newly born heroes. I was pleasantly surprised at the news and when the recognition comes from CEV, it is really something big. I am very pleased,” said the famous Bulgarian Volleyball player, who is about to turn 76.

Dimitar Karov was born on November 27, 1943 in Sofia. He started to practice football and at the age of 15, he found himself in a Volleyball environment and started playing the game in the youth academy of Septemvri (Sofia). At 18, still at school, he was already in the first team of CSKA SOFIA. In 1969, he triumphed with the title of the CEV Champions Cup.