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24/03/2020 15:45
Portugal’s stars Marco and Alex Ferreira - So far apart and yet so close together
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Porto, Portugal, March 24, 2020. Even though they are currently staying apart following the coronavirus outbreak, siblings Alexandre and Marco Ferreira, Portugal’s top Volleyball players, wish to share with all of you their message of hope, looking forward to life coming back to normal!

The Ferreira brothers are currently living 5,000 km away from each other and a few thousand kilometres from their family home in Portugal. Marco Ferreira (pictured above) plays for Al-Rayyan, currently sitting in third place in the standings and thus still in contention for the title in the national league of Qatar. With half a thousand cases of the new coronavirus and with no reported deaths this far, Qatar has suspended all sports activities.

In the face of adversity, the Portuguese opposite continues to show the features that have made him stand out on the court, facing the current challenges head-on and showing much resilience and resolution.

“With this unprecedented situation caused by the pandemic spread around the world, changes in my daily life result from precautionary and quarantine measures,” he says. “I am still in Doha until further notice and official information and, with all sports activities suspended, I just stay at home. I avoid social contact and just leave the house only to shop at the supermarket. I train at home, following a physical plan to maintain my fitness. What worries me the most it is that I do not know when or how I will return home to my family. The coming times will be ones of reflection and solidarity, something that is little seen today. It will take patience and understanding. I invite you to have confidence and belief, because everything will return to normal.”

Alexandre Ferreira is currently in Poland, where he has been playing for Aluron CMC Virtu Zawiercie this season

In Europe, although more affected by the pandemic, the situation is similar. Alexandre Ferreira’s Aluron Virtu CMC Zawiercie fought for the top spots in the Polish League, but they eventually went down to 10th place.

Faced with the stop of the PlusLiga, the captain of the Portuguese national team was disappointed to see so much wasted work, but he points out that the most important thing is to ‘save lives’.

“We are still waiting for the final decision as to what will happen to the rest of the league. Until then, we are at home and we are following a specific physical work plan. It has not been easy to stay indoors all this time, mainly away from my family and friends, but at this moment, it will be safer for me and for everyone to wait for things to calm down before travelling. Moreover, Poland does not have that many cases for now [774 infected and 9 dead] when compared to other European countries. The most striking thing is to see how everything can change so quickly at a crucial moment for most clubs, players, final stages, results that we worked for every day ... and suddenly everything will have no effect, but the most important thing is to save lives and look after people’s health! As they say, ‘There are evils that come for good’! I hope so too.”

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