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21/05/2020 10:00
Top referee Susana Rodriguez shares wealth of experience with Portuguese colleagues
News from the National Federations

Porto, Portugal, May 21, 2020. More than 50 Portuguese international and national referees joined earlier this week a webinar featuring Spanish elite referee Susana Maria Rodriguez Jativa as the main lecturer. This was the second episode, so to speak, of the series run under the slogan “A whistle with…” which began with European Refereeing Commission (ERC) Secretary Zorica Bjelic earlier this month.

Susana Maria Rodriguez Jativa, who is due to attend the re-scheduled Tokyo Olympic Games in the summer of 2021, has a truly impressive resume. She attended the London 2012 Olympics and whistled the women’s gold medal match between China and Serbia four years later in Rio. Moreover, she has officiated at three World Cups, many World and Clubs Championships, as many as 9 World Leagues/VNL and 14 editions of the Women’s Grand Prix, not to mention EuroVolley and Champions League finals.

Susana provided a moment of “enriching experience sharing with Portuguese referees”, as explained by Avelino Azevedo, President of the Refereeing Commission of the Portuguese Volleyball Federation (FPV).

“We were able to have one of the best referees in the world with us, who addressed the audience in a very clear way about two key issues for ensuring good refereeing: psychological preparation and game management, so that everyone could understand how it is possible to improve each other’s performance through such exchanges,” Azevedo continues.