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04/06/2020 16:35
39 coaches attend inspirational webinar hosted by Kristof De Loose
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Luxembourg, June 4, 2020. A series of webinars specifically addressed to coaches working with young players at the entry level of the game started on Thursday afternoon, with as many as 39 attendees from 17 countries joining the conference held via the Zoom platform. Kristof De Loose of Belgium, who has a wealth of experience in working at the grassroots level, delivered the first much-anticipated lecture under the title ‘Be creative with exercises’.

CEV Development Manager Vuk Karanovic began the session with a short introduction, explaining the webinar series structure and its purpose. After the cancellation of the Coaches Convention due to the coronavirus crisis, the Technical and Development Department have worked hard along with the European Coaches Commission to offer an alternative for coaches and teachers to remain proactive and learn some interesting/helpful things from the lecturers.

Kristof De Loose, one of the speakers at last year’s historic Coaches Convention held in Slovenia and a very active supporter of the CEV School Project, began the session with acknowledging the importance of staying creative during the pandemic, seeing it rather as an opportunity to learn new things. He presented his main goals when training young children, which are:

•    Fun: keep the activity enjoyable and create a fun/positive environment
•    Move: be dynamic with the exercises, and keep the kids moving!
•    Learn: continually introduce new exercises or make variations to them so the kids are curious/interested

De Loose used multiple videos throughout the presentation, between slides, to show examples of exercises done at the trainings for young kids and up to age 15, such as exercises with balls, balloons, hula hoops, and buckets to name a few – sometimes combining with two objects. The participants could see in the videos that the children remain focused, keep smiling and are having fun.

The Belgian expert spoke about using materials outside of volleyball like household items, tennis balls, bicycle tires, and encouraged everyone to think creatively, especially if you do not have basic volleyball supplies available. He also reminded everyone that they could seek inspiration from other sports trainings and older volleyball lessons to find a modifiable exercise/game to fit the kids’ volleyball experience levels. To put it simply, starting simple and increasing difficulty is key!

The Q&A session at the end included questions about how to manage the level (talent) difference amongst a group of kids, what the correct net height is for certain ages, how to get kids comfortable with diving for balls, and much more.

The next such webinar, starring Serbian Volleyball legend, Olympic champion Andrija Geric, is due to follow on Thursday, June 11, at 14:00 CEST under the slogan “MotiWattion for Volleyball”.

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