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Champions Vakifbank dominating the Champions League Volley All-Star Team Fan Vote


Article Wed, Jun 15 2022

For the second year running, the CEV has opened the All-Star team vote to the fans of the participating teams and beyond, giving them the chance to pick their best player in each position for each of the women’s and men’s competitions.

The polls were opened after the conclusions of the semi-finals of the CEV Champions League Volley, yet the majority of votes came closer to the SuperFinals in Ljubljana and immediately after the champions were crowned, with the near perfect performances from Vakifbank and Zaksa being rewarded by the fans.

The women's All-Star team sees no less than 6 players from Champions Vakifbank receiving the most amount of votes in their respective positions, with Turkish legend Eda Erdem from Fenerbahce Istanbul being the only one breaking that lineup.

Comparing the voting to last year's own, Gabi and Eda are the only players to have managed to retain their spots in the All-Star team.

For the men's team, despite having managed to retain their title, Zaksa is no longer dominating the polls having managed to retain only two spots int he lineup. Turkish fans were once again present for the voting helping Ziraat Bankasi Ankara's players get a spot in the All-Star team.