Snow Volleyball

COOP SnowVolley Cup coming up in Malå, Sweden


Article Fri, Apr 5 2024

Malå is a small inland village some 800 km north of Sweden’s capital Stockholm. At this time of the year, the days rapidly get longer, and the winter weather is getting more and more enjoyable with each day. The alpine resort of Tjamstan is the place where Malå IF repeats last year’s success with a delivery of a Snow Volleyball tournament across as many as four courts. The event arena will be developed with the ambition to be more functional and welcoming to the spectators.

The tournament has grown and is now played in three separate categories – mixed, senior/corporate/youth, and mixed snow-level. Some 20 teams are due to participate, from near and far in the north of Sweden. The rules are adapted to the tournament format. The youth snow-level event for kids aged 10-12 is inspired by the Swedish Volleyball Federation’s seven-level game system. In the Snow Volleyball version, the players must play the ball three times within the team, but they are allowed to catch and throw the second touch.

The idea to organise such a Snow Volleyball tournament was discussed already more than four years ago. Many local players and leaders were involved and looked enthusiastic, but the plans were paused due to the coronavirus pandemic. With the leader Johan Grensell getting involved last year, the original plans were brought back to life, with a strong support from local sponsors, the community, the Swedish Volleyball Federation and Sports federations, and the CEV. Malå IF organises the tournament to elevate the sport, to finance children and youth activities and make the community alive. Numerous persons and local organisations are engaged. COOP SnowVolley Cup 2024 is hosted by volunteers from Malå IF in partnership with COOP Malå and Tjamstan alpine resort.

The goal is to make this year’s event better than the premiere run in 2023 and to further develop the club in the coming years.

Photos courtesy of Malå IF