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Zonal tours / events – organised by a Zonal Association (BVA, EEVZA, MEVZA, NEVZA, SCA or WEVZA) – provide up-and-coming as well as more established teams with an additional opportunity to compete on the international stage against opposition from neighbouring countries.

The organisation and delivery of such events help fulfil one of the primary missions of a Zonal Association, which is to grow the game in their respective geographical area, with a focus on teams that are taking the first steps of their senior careers, while providing more experienced players with extra opportunities to gain valuable ranking points. In order to take place under the umbrella of the CEV, zonal events have to fulfil a series of criteria and requirements in terms of number of teams and countries represented, prize money, etc.

In many cases, the geographical closeness helps organisers and participating teams mitigate costs and opens the door for increased participation. Moreover, Zonal Associations are free to issue wildcards to invite teams from outside their member countries if they wish to do so and should this action help raise the profile and quality of the competition even further.