This Friday

    24 Sep

    European Volleyball Gala

    The annual celebration of the stars of the sport will see members of the Volleyball family come together in an atmosphere of friendship and conviviality. The programme includes the 4th Round draw of the 2022 edition of the CEV Champions League Volley. This date has moved from the initially announced 1st October.

    Ljubljana (SLO)


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    Looking to find out more on the sport of Volleyball? Check out our sport overview page on our institutional site "Inside CEV", where you can find how the game works, information on the scoring system, the evolution of the sport, facts and figures and a run through of all the main skills that are used.

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    When it ends all square...

    What is a Golden Set?

    With the majority of our European Cup matches played using the "Home & Away" format, it is inevitable that sometimes it ends with both sides winning one match each.  So how is it decided which team progresses?  

    Well, the winner is the team with the most allocated point using the below system:
    - 3 points for the winner 3:0 or 3:1 of a match,
    - 2 points for the winner 3:2 of a match,
    - 1 point for the loser 2:3 of a match,
    - 0 points for the loser 0:3 or 1:3 of a match.

    If it is a tie in the number of points then a Golden Set is required to split the teams.  This is played straight after the conclusion of the second match as a 1 tie break set of 15 points, with a minimum 2 points lead achieved like in all other sets.  

    Truly one of the most intense and exciting things to witness, every time it happens.

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