Italy to host U22 Women’s European Championship in 2024


Article Mon, Jun 20 2022

Italy will further cement its leading role in the delivery of international Volleyball competitions by hosting the 2024 edition of the U22 Women’s European Championship. The CEV Board of Administration unanimously approved Italy’s application at their last meeting held this past May 21 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

With Italy due to host the inaugural U21* Women’s European Championship in mid-July, the rising stars of European Volleyball will convene in the Italian peninsula once more in two years. The organisation of yet another age-group European Championship is testament to the extensive work done by the Italian Volleyball family to grow the next generation of elite players – who shall continue the country’s impressive success story in the sport.    

The CEV introduced this additional age group back in 2021 in an effort to aid the transition of the most promising and talented European players to the senior ranks. Italy will be trying to make the home-court advantage count in a few weeks when Cerignola and Andria, Apulia, welcome the eight teams set to contest the inaugural championship in this age category.

Italy are not only the reigning U20 world champions but the silver medal winners from the last edition of the U18 World Championship as well. This sounds like a good pre-condition to assemble a highly competitive Italian team playing for top honours at the U22 championship scheduled for the summer of 2024.

*As of the 2024 edition, the CEV will align the age limit for the men’s and women’s competitions to U22.