Beach Volleyball

Pro Tour Madrid Futures presented with Green Sport Flag


Article Mon, May 22 2023

The VW Beach Pro Tour Futures Madrid held at the Beach Volleyball Centre of Puerta de Hierro Sports Park earlier this month has been awarded the Green Sport Flag distinction presented by the Spanish Sports Association (ADESP) with the institutional support of the Higher Sports Council, the Ministry of Culture and Sports, and the Ministry of Ecological Transition. This is a recognition of the eco-sustainable quality of sports events organised in Spain that meet a series of pre-defined criteria.

In delivering the event in Madrid, every detail has been taken care of to reduce its impact on the environment. Firstly, the Beach Volleyball Centre of Puerta de Hierro Sports Park is a permanent facility that does not require assembly or dismantling, thus significantly reducing its carbon footprint compared to events held in mobile facilities.

Additionally, the event promotes the responsible use of water, as well as sustainable alternatives to plastics and packaging. During the competition, both staff and athletes have been using biodegradable and reusable water bottles to ensure hydration at all times without resorting to disposable plastic bottles.

Promoting sustainability through education is a challenge that the Madrid Volleyball Federation and the Royal Spanish Volleyball Federation (RFEVB) both embrace especially with the presence of over 1,100 primary and secondary school students visiting the Beach Volleyball Centre of Puerta de Hierro during the competition’s weekdays to have a different educational experience in an excellent environment. Besides learning about Beach Volleyball, they also listened to talks on the importance of taking care of the environment through small daily gestures.