Beach Volleyball

SRSE and ÉDRA win Hungary’s qualifier for Beach Volley European Cup


Article Mon, Jul 8 2024

This past weekend, the second edition of a Beach Volleyball competition specifically designed for clubs from across the country was held in Hungary. The eventual winners – the same as in 2023 – SRSE and ÉDRA secured the right to represent the country in the Beach Volley European Cup 2024. Even though some clubs withdrew from the event and the participation numbers were lower than in 2023, the quality of the competition itself did improve in many ways. 

The men's podium

The men’s competition was due to feature six clubs. However, Team RSZSE had to withdraw because the date of the tournament was not meeting their needs, whereas Vasas could eventually not compete due to a series of injuries. 

Bence Stréli, Balázs Benkő, Márton Udvarhelyi, and Levente Polgár secured the first place for Strandröplabdázásért SE (SRSE) 2 as their colleagues of Strandröplabdázásért SE 1 could not contest the final. Their players had travelled to Slovenia to play at a MEVZA zonal event in Portoroz and returned home only at 2 am on the very same day of the domestic competition. Team Észak-Dunántúli Röplabda Akadémia (ÉDRA) claimed the bronze medal after a very tight clash with their opponents of Strandröplabdázásért SE 3, which was decided only via the Golden Set. 

Two clubs only contested the women's competition after a couple of withdrawals

The women’s event featured two clubs only following the withdrawal of Beach Sport due to injuries whereas Vasas did not compete as they complained that Észak-Dunántúli Röplabda Akadémia (aka ÉDRA) had transferred two players 30 days before the actual event. The team SRSK consisted of young players who tried their best, but the more experienced ÉDRA (Beáta Vaida, Flóra Zolnai, Stefánia Kun, and Kinga Windisch) won the final easily to qualify for the European Cup 2024.