Snow Volleyball

Youngsters embrace Snow Volleyball at Krvavec


Article Tue, Mar 19 2024

At the highly successful Slovenian national Snow Volleyball championships held this past Sunday at Krvavec, the VBO Premium Tootbrush CEV School Project ‘Play Volleyball – Grow with it’ was promoted as well. Children who volunteered as ball keepers and scorers to assist in the competition had the opportunity to try playing Snow Volleyball for the very first time. They discovered that moving on the snowy surface was far more challenging than what they have experienced this far when playing indoors, that the ball designed specifically for Snow Volleyball does differ quite a lot from the one they have become accustomed to in their U-13 indoor practices and competitions, and that Snow Volleyball requires even additional skills. 

Boys and girls from Volleyball clubs OD Vital Ljubljana, OK Črnuče, and OK Kamnik enthusiastically participated throughout the day, interacting with players, learning from them, and, above all, enjoying the discovery of the youngest volleyball discipline.

“I really enjoyed myself at Krvavec, especially because I spent the day in nature, on the snow, and had contact with Volleyball, which I really love playing. I had a lot of fun, made good use of my free time, and learned a lot of new things. I hope I can come again next year,” said 12-year-old Gana, a Volleyball player from Ljubljana.

Her peer Teodor, who also hails from the country’s capital, was equally thrilled after the whole day spent at the famous Slovenian ski resort: 

“It was great, I had a really good time. Sometimes it was a bit tiring because it was difficult to move on the snow and collect balls, but I enjoyed myself a lot. I think the matches were very good, some of them very tense from start to finish. I also tried playing myself, and I liked it a lot. It is different from indoors or on the sand, and very interesting.”

The Volleyball Federation of Slovenia (OZS) will continue to organise national championship events at RTC Krvavec and will try to revive the ‘Kids Day’ previously run on the snowy surface so that children will be able to get familiar with Snow Volleyball already one day before the start of the actual competition.