Belgium emerged victorious in a showdown against Sweden; Hard-fought battle for Portugal


Article Sun, May 19 2024
Author: Nika Aurora Ključarić

Another exciting #EuroLeague day is over and what a thrill it was. Let's dive into it!

#EuroLeagueW, Sweden – Belgium 0:3

In a highly anticipated clash in the Golden European League, Sweden faced off against Belgium in a match that showcased the impressive prowess of last year's runners-up. Belgium delivered a dominant performance, sweeping Sweden with a decisive 3-0 victory.

In the first set, Belgium quickly established their dominance with a strong start (4-12), leveraging their powerful serves and precise attacks. Sweden struggled to keep up with Belgium's pace and fell behind early. Despite a valiant effort to close the gap, the set ended 25-17 in favor of Belgium, setting the tone for the rest of the match.

The second set saw Sweden attempting to mount a comeback, displaying more aggressive plays and tighter defense. However, Belgium's consistency and adaptability kept them ahead. With key players delivering crucial spikes and blocks, Belgium managed to maintain their lead, though Sweden kept the scoreline closer this time. The set concluded at 25-19, showing Sweden's fighting spirit but also Belgium's unwavering control.

By the third set, Belgium's confidence was palpable, and their execution was nearly flawless. They quickly built a substantial lead, capitalizing on Sweden's errors and showcasing their depth in talent. Despite Sweden's best efforts, they couldn't match Belgium's intensity and precision. The final set ended with 11 points of advantage (25-14), sealing the match with a comprehensive victory for Belgium.

This match not only reaffirmed Belgium's status as a top contender in Europe for the #EuroLeagueW title but also provided a thrilling display of high-level volleyball for fans and enthusiasts alike.

The next match for Belgium is on the 24th of May against Estonia and the next opponent for Sweden on 25th of May is Azerbaijan.

MVP from the Belgium team: Britt Herbots (20 points)

MVP from the Swedish team: Emmy Andersson

#EuroLeagueM, Portugal – Spain 3:1

In a riveting encounter in the Golden League, the men's teams of Portugal and Spain clashed in a match that thrilled spectators. Portugal emerged victorious with a 3-1 win, demonstrating their resilience and tactical prowess in a hard-fought battle against their Iberian rivals.

The match began with Spain taking the first set 25-23, capitalizing on early momentum and putting Portugal on the back foot. However, Portugal quickly regrouped and responded with a 25-21 victory in the second set, leveling the score and setting the stage for an intense showdown.

The third set saw Portugal maintain their momentum, edging out Spain 25-22 in a closely contested round that highlighted the skill and determination of both teams. The fourth and final set was an extraordinary display of endurance and willpower, with Portugal narrowly clinching it 35-33 after an epic back-and-forth struggle that kept fans on the edge of their seats.

The next match for the team of Spain is on 24th of May against Estonia, and for Portugal the following day against Croatia.