Decisive matches to reveal Final Four teams in the 2024 CEV Volleyball European Golden League Women


Article Thu, May 30 2024
Author: Adrian Costeiu

The last week of the league round of the 2024 CEV Volleyball European Golden League Women, due to be play this weekend, between 31 May and 2 June, will provide the final answers, as the tickets for the Final Four will be sealed after the third week of competition.

Czechia, which are sitting second in the standings, with four wins out of four matches, are already qualified as hosts, and they are due to feature in Tournament 12, which will be played in Tarnów, Poland.

Ukraine, which are also sitting on four wins in four matches, and Belgium, which are the leader of the standings, with a 100% winning record, are their opponents, as the top three sides will collide in a fantastic competition, which is due to deliver some dramatic moments.

So far, Belgium and Czechia have lost only two sets, registering two wins in straight sets and two wins where they dropped a set, while Ukraine have conceded three sets so far, but will aim to dethrone their opponents, before they are due to meet again in the Final Four, scheduled for 15 and 16 June.

Two Romanian players – Ana Cristina Miron (63 points) and Rodica Buterez (59 points) - are leading the standings for the top points scorers and they will aim to improve on their excellent form so far in Tournament 10 in Gijon, where they face Spain and Croatia.

So far, Romania are fourth in the standings, with three wins and a loss, after sweeping their opponents in the previous tournament, which they hosted, in Blaj. But with Croatia (2-2) and Spain (1-3) looming, there is no room for mistake for Romania, as they aim to reach the Final Four and build on that excellent form.

Slovakia (2-2) and Sweden (2-2) are also looming in the battle for the last place in the Final Four, but they face off in Bratislava, Slovakia, with only two wins setting them off for the needed pace for a place in the last act of the 2024 CEV Volleyball European Golden League Women.

In Tournament 9, played in Baku, Azerbaijan (1-3), Austria (0-4) and Estonia (0-4) will try to avoid relegation, with a win going a huge way for all of them, as the three sides are on the last three places in the standings.

Crunch clashes to be played in the Silver League

In the 2024 CEV Volleyball European Silver League Women, Hungary (4-0) and Finland (3-0) are the only unbeaten teams, with Portugal and Montenegro (both at 4-1) will be looking to derail the favourites for a bid to place on one of the top two places, which will see them qualify for the final, due to take place on 13 and 16 June in a doubleheader.

Portugal and Montenegro will face off in a mutual match, which will decide the challenger for the first two places, while Finland face Hungary and Latvia in Erd, Hungary, in two pivotal matches for the final standings.