CEV Snow Volleyball European Tour is a series of professional tournaments held in stunning mountain locations across the continent under the auspices of the CEV throughout one Snow Volleyball season.

The number of main draw participants varies between tournaments. Tournament registration is open to teams from all federations and the available main draw and qualification berths are distributed based on host country quota, CEV Entry Ranking and wild card nominations.

The European Tour has been organised under the umbrella of the CEV since 2016, initially in the two-a-side format and as of the 2019 season in the new three-a-side format.

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Team Registration

How many players are there on a team?
Minimum 3 - Maximum 4

How many teams will play? 
Main Draw = minimum 12 teams per gender
Qualification (if needed) = minimum 4 teams per gender

Who can play?
Since it is a competition between National teams, any person holding the nationality of the country, and registered within the same National Federation

What is the Prize Money?
3.000 EUR per gender per event

What is the registration deadline?
- 15 days before the event

How do you register?
Through your National Federation